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Endless customization options for our Racing seats. / An infinite range of possibilities for our Racing Seats. It allows the customer the choice between different types and special colors of leather, Alcantara, technical fabrics, fabrics, and hi-tech microfibers always of the highest quality combined with each other according to their wishes, the choice of color and material of the side stripe, different colors of stitching and embroidery, hand embroidery and personalized fire engravings of the logo on the seat, sewn of the customer’s initials or even configure the structure of the seats in carbon varnishedt transparent or in different colors, painted in the same color as your car or any other color you want, and with a glossy or satin finish.


 An infinite world of customization possibilities and racing lightness parameters. At the personalization level, it allows the creation of a unique wheel with the choice of a special custom-made color, exclusive finishes made by hand or with specific machinery with F1 technology, personalized carbon fiber dedication plate with personalized certificate, personalized engravings on the surface of the wheels, the adaptation of our designs to special measures and a specific car model or the modification of the displacement and concavity. If what you are looking for is even lighter, thanks to our experience in the manufacture of competition and Formula 1 wheels, we can manufacture your forged wheels with specific engineering, resistance and design parameters for use in competition or track day, reducing even more their weight. For projects within the LINEA SPECIALE ONE OFF and to go one step further, we can manufacture our wheels in such a special and ultra-light material as MAGNESIUM, achieving extreme lightness and an even more substantial improvement in dynamic behavior, reducing to a minimum the weight of the unsprung masses. We can perform TÜV, STVZO, JWL / VIA and SAE approval for any project of forged wheels for street legal use.