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Ultralight forged wheels


The price is for a set of 4 wheels. *The % discount applied to special colors is the same as that applied to each wheel size for each car model. *The finishing can be gloss (Lucido) or satin (Opaco) for the same Price.



Designed to be as lighter as possible and to be part of the shapes of the most iconic contemporary Italian sport cars and supercars.

A lightweight sculpture specially designed to enhance the beauty and performance of your car.

Up to more than -20 Kg weight reduction and the perfect ET to increase the widht of the tracks and the tread widht of the tire and thus achieve a substantial improvement in dynamic behavior

CATTIVO Forged Wheels are produced in limited and numbered special series. Each set
component shows the name of the limited edition and its set number on a carbon fiber plate on its inner surface.

In addition, each set of forged wheels comes with a certificate of authenticity inside a leather or Alcantara folder with the logo of the special edition. The certificate includes the numbering of the set within the limited series and a holographic sticker with a QR code.

All colors are carefully chosen to fit in the design of these forged wheels and enhance their design.

You can customize it with multiple color options, as well as with our LINEA SPECIALE exclusive program, with an infinite world of customization possibilities.

At the personalization level, our LINEA SPECIALE program allows the creation of a unique wheel with the choice of a special custom-made color, exclusive finishes made by hand or with specific machinery with F1 technology, personalized carbon fiber dedication plate with personalized certificate, personalized engravings on the surface of the wheels, the adaptation of our designs
to special measures and a specific car model or the modification of the displacement and concavity.